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BITS Pilani is one of the top institutes of our country and most of the students know about this college from their 12th class, unlike other private institutes, which are not so old like IIITs. I will try to clear as many doubts as possible because I am studying here in BITS Pilani, Pilani campus now.

First let me tell you about the whole procedure of BITS exam. First of all this exam is BITS HD (Higher Degree) exam, not BITSAT (for BE, MSc, and other). There is only written exam and marks in the written exam solely decide the admission in any of the campuses of BITS. There are NO interviews for admission. The BITS HD exam forms are out generally on 1st week of april and HD exam get held in last week of May or first week of June. Results are published within 10 days. In 2014, they published result in 5 days. In 2013 they did it within 7 days may be (Shocking, yes it is). This is the admission page of BITS HD. The total number of seats for CS+SS is 50.

Some points are worth noting here:

  1. Written Paper is not available anywhere, neither online nor offline. So please DO NOT ask for it or DO NOT waste your time searching for it.
  2. There is no predefined cut off for the exam. Admission depends upon your and other aspirants' performance in the written test. For general minimum marks query, I will tell you further in this post.
  3. Please do not ask " I don't have PCM >=80% in 12th. Am I eligible? " .Come on yaar, you are a graduate now. All they care about Graduation GPA / %.
  4. No reservation on basis of category or anything. Only marks in the written exam is criteria.
  5. BTech / BE in IT is not eligible for ME-CS, but they can fill up form for ME-SS.
  6. Even if you have GATE score 1000, you have to appear in BITS HD exam for admission in BITS. (You will not appear, that's a different thing :D ). What I mean to say is GATE score HAS NO ROLE for admission in BITS.
    *** Read next point when you fill up the form
  7. Statement of purpose is nothing. You can leave it. I myself did it. (I told you not read this point now, but you anyway did :P )
  8. Please do not ask me for SS written pattern. I did not appear for SS exam. Similarly, please do not ask queries about any other branch than CS. I will give you links of Facebook groups at the end of this post, which are helpful for HD queries. You can find many doubts getting solved there.
  9. This is most important point. Even if you don’t know "P" of Physics, please fill up the form. Most of the people does not prepare Physics for admission exam. I saw many of my friends not filling up the form, just because there is Physics in the paper. This is the answer of your next question that " Do I have to prepare Physics too?" No, you don’t need too. If you think you can study physics, do it; it totally depends on you. C programming and other areas such as Maths, English, and POM in paper 1 is scoring area for CS students
    NOTE : Please DO NOT ask what are the important topics/subjects for the technical paper of any exam such as BARC, PGEE, BITS HD etc. They can ask question from any subject of your engineering syllabus, but generally they emphasize on subjects from GATE syllabus. This is not the university exam where you can prepare 5 subjects in 1-1.5 months and surely gonna get through. Only if you have prepared for GATE seriously, try to improve your preparation by studying the topics which you left during GATE preparation, generally Software Engg, OOP concepts, C++, English, and Aptitude; and also keep revising everything.

Pattern of Paper:

There were 2 papers for CS branch. Paper 1 consists of C programming, Mathematics (No discrete maths in 2014), English + Principle of Management (POM) and Physics :) . Each of the subjects having 15 questions each. Total 60 questions and duration 60 mins. This paper is compulsory and common to all the branches. Paper 2 consists of Branch subjects. For CS, it was from standard GATE syllabus. I do not remember the questions exactly. There were 100 questions and time duration 120 mins. Each question carried 3 marks. There was negative marking i.e. 1 mark reduced for each wrong answer. Total marks, considering both the papers, are 480 (180+300). Paper 2 was quite similar to BARC Paper 2014. Level and pattern of Paper 2 was quite close to BARC paper, 100 questions, 120 minutes, and similar difficulty level.

Most Frequently asked question by students is "I got XYZ marks, in Paper 1+ Paper 2. Will I be able to make it to ABC campus?" Answer to this questions is not easy, because It depends upon the performance of all the candidates. However, just to give you an idea, here in Pilani campus, last student got admitted in 2014 in ME-CS have 154/480. I had 164/480. I think safe marks for the Pilani campus will be 170+/480. Please note that marks/480 is denoting marks in Paper 1 (Common paper ) + Paper 2 (Subjective paper). At this point of time, I don’t know anything about the HYD and Goa campus, but I will update it as and when I get the info. Meanwhile, you can ask these queries in the facebook groups, links to which I am going to provide you in the link section of this post.

Q1) From where should I prepare C programming? Being a CS grad, you should know about good and standard books on C programming. One of the standard books is Ritchie. I did not prepare anything specially for BITS exam.That doesn’t mean that you also need not to study anything for BITS. What it means is that if you did your GATE preparation good enough, you just need to revise your syllabus.

Q2) I don’t have impressive GATE score. I screwed my GATE exam. Do you still think I will be able to get in? Yes, you can. Even I don’t have impressive GATE score and I’m here in campus, writing this blog post. You can do it and you can do it good.

Q3) I am not good in English and have no idea what is this bird called "Principle of Management". From where should I study these? I already mentioned that most scoring part of the whole paper is paper 2, that is branch paper. If you get 40 marks in Paper 1, you can score 130-150 in Paper 2 and get into college. I did not study anything, so I don’t know good sources for it. But I think you don’t need to study these subjects, If you did your Branch paper preparation good enough.

Q4) Is there any sectional cut off or only marks as a whole matters? There is NO sectional cut off. You marks in Paper 1+ Paper 2 will matter.

Q5) My home is near to Hyderabad campus. Will it be good if I choose Hyd campus over Pilani campus in terms of placements? As far as I know, Hyderabad campus placements are good too for CS, but Pilani campus is having edge over Hyd. But still I think it will be good if you prefer Pilani over Hyd. Many of my classmates are here from Andhra, Karnataka, and Kerala and they are doing good here. It is still your choice.

Q6) How are the placements in BITS? You name the company, and it visit BITS Pilani for recruitment (at least Pilani campus). There are separate placements for each campus, but most of the companies which visit Pilani, also visit other campuses as well. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Epic, Ebay are the big names. Although Facebook, LinkedIn does not allow ME people for recruitments, there are plenty of other big companies and you will get enough opportunities as far as placements are concerned. Converting those opportunities totally depends upon you.

Q7) Difference between SS and CS? SS (Software Systems) is specialization like SE in NITs. They heavily focus on Software Engineering. But many courses of CS are available to SS and vice versa. As far as placements are concerned, there is not much difference. In almost all companies, where ME-CS is eligible, ME-SS is also eligible.

Q8) I got admission call from XYZ college and BITS Pilani, ABC campus, CS/SS. What should I choose and why? This question made me crazy for 1 whole month and it was really giving me nightmares as I also had admission offer from IIITD, IIITH, IIITB, and BITS CS, Pilani. Although IIITB and IIITD stands no competition for BITS, IIITH does. I talked to many seniors of mine and finally choose BITS over IIITH. If you have these options (same as me), my preference would be BITS=IIITH>IIITD>IIITB. If you face this problem, please talk to seniors of respective colleges and get on decision. I can tell you about BITS but asking me about NIT Warangal is like asking me about some person I don’t even know. So, please consult respective college seniors, current students and make your decision. Telling you honestly, I never liked SS/SE, so if I had option like BITS Pilani, SS and IIITH-CS, I would definitely go for IIITH without thinking for a second. But again, these are my personal choices and you should know about yours. I hope I cleared most of the doubts in this blog post. I will update the post as I get more points to add.

One last thing I would like to say to you guys, if you are referring this blog post to know the process of admission, syllabus, and exam details, it is great. Use it to crack exam and only then try to know about insights of the particular institute such as courses taught there, placements, average salary etc. Spending time on these things now will never make you crack the exam. First you appear, crack the selection process, and then think about you want to join or not. We waste so much time making "Khayali Pulao" (very famous dish all over world, specially for engineers like us). :P

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