Projected by Perseverance, I Landed in ISRO

INTRODUCTION : I am Ashish Kumar Sharma, I did my in Computer Science & Engineering from NIT Jamshedpur in 2015.

MY STORY: An engineering graduate from NIT, that too from the superhot branch of CSE, not getting placed in any of the 80-100 companies visiting his college campus is something really hard to believe for majority of the masses. Yes, I was rejected by around 19 major recruiters (Snapdeal, Samsung R&D, HP R&D etc.), and was, for sure, mentally torn apart. However, I was gifted, gifted with fantastic friends and an extremely supportive family. My parents, brother Amit, sweetest sister Sanghmitra and friend Ajay, all of them motivated me to work harder with consistency, even in the face of devastating failure. The basic belief is that ‘Everything happens for a good reason’. So, I adopted the famous ‘Never Back Down’ attitude!

In the month of May (just after the college was over) I tuned my approach and instead of preparing for service based companies I decided to prepare for GATE. During the preparation, it came to my knowledge that ISRO has released their requirement for the post of Scientist ‘SC'. I filled up the form; the examination was on 11 October, 2015. Casually, I appeared in the examination and this time I was selected. The interview was scheduled on 1 February 2016.

INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: I was interviewed at Trivandrum VSSC Center. The interview panel consisted of around 11 members and I was told to name three of my favourite subjects. The duration of the interview was around 20 minutes. For Interviews especially, I suggest you to focus on the system subjects (primarily OS, Networking, DBMS etc.). If you want to impress them then prepare real world examples too. Freshers are grilled on their final year projects and the experienced professionals face questions on their current project(s). So, prepare accordingly.

FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Prepare properly for GATE, be regular on, give your best effort, and leave the rest on your luck. The best thing about interview is that it is scheduled after the GATE exam. So, the time available for preparation is more than sufficient. Interviewers will check your patience, so practice to remain calm. Most Important: Never Give Up!


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