Minimal Finite automata that accept binary strings divisible by n?

How many minimum states needed in genral for divisibility by n?

some says exactly n states and others <=n ,so what is the correct answer?

I cant understand anything from these documents.


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here u are asking for binary strings 
so num of states will be n if n is odd
if n is even the we have two possiblities
!) if n is pow of 2 say 2^k 
 then num of states is k+1
example dividible by 2 is 2^1 num of states are 1+1=2

2) if n is not pow of 2 then divide n by 2
a) if on first attempt u get an odd num then num of states will be  (odd num +1)
ex n=10 not in pow of 2 divide it 10/2=5 so we get 5 in frst attempt so 5+1=6 states 

b) if we dint get the odd num in frst attempt then divide until we get frst odd num nd then num of states will be (odd num + 2)

ex: n=24 24/2=12 12/2=6 6/2=3 so states will be 3+2=5

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bro,but for binary number  divisible by 4 we need 4 states know?

but as per ur strategy only three states ,how can u draw dfa with three states for divisibility by 4?

And also if u have tips like these minimal Dfa's please share with us?

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