Aptitude Question-10 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-9 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-8 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-7 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-6 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-5 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-4 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-3 | Set-2
Aptitude Question-2 | Set-2
Question-65 | Set-1
Question-64 | Set-1
Aptitude Question-1 | Set-2
Question-63 | Set-1
Question-62 | Set-1
Question-61 | Set-1
Question-60 | Set-1
Question-55| Set2
Question-54| Set2
Question-59 | Set-1
Question-53| Set2


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