25.  In the following figure, the transmitter Tx sends a wideband modulated RF signal via a coaxial cable to the receiver Rx. The output impedance ZT of Tx, the characteristic impedance Z0 of the cable and the input impedance ZR of Rx are all real.

Which one of the following statements is TRUE about the distortion of the received signal due to impedance mismatch?

(A) The signal gets distorted if ZR ≠ Z0, irrespective of the value of ZT  

(B) The signal gets distorted if ZT ≠Z0, irrespective of the value of ZR  

(C) Signal distortion implies impedance mismatch at both ends: ZT ≠Z0 and ZR ≠Z0

(D) Impedance mismatches do NOT result in signal distortion but reduce power transfer efficiency


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