34. The donor and accepter impurities in an abrupt junction silicon diode are 1 x 1016 cm-3 and 5 x 1018 cm-3, respectively. Assume that the intrinsic carrier concentration in silicon ni = 1.5 x 1010 cm-3 at 300 K, \(kT\over q\)= 26mV and the permittivity of silicon εsi = 1.04 ×10-12 F/cm. The built-in potential and the depletion width of the diode under thermal equilibrium conditions, respectively, are 

(A) 0.7 V and 1 x 10-4 cm  

(B) 0.86 V and 1 x 10-4 cm  

(C) 0.7 V and 3.3 x 10-5 cm 

(D) 0.86 V and 3.3 x 10-5 cm


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