50. Coherent orthogonal binary FSK modulation is used to transmit two equiprobable symbol waveforms s1(t)=αcos2πf1t and s2(t)=αcos2πf2t , where α=4mV. Assume an AWGN channel with two-sided noise power spectral density \({N_0\over 2}=0.5*10^{-12}W/Hz\). Using an optimal receiver and the relation Q(v)=\({1\over{\sqrt{2\pi}}}\int^\infty_ve^{-u^2/2}du\) the bit error probability for a data rate of 500 kbps is

(A) Q(2)

(B) \(Q(2\sqrt2)\)

(C) Q(4)

(D) \(Q(4\sqrt2)\)


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