A cook has a kitchen at the top of a hill, where she can prepare rotis. Each roti costs one rupee to prepare. She can sell rotis for two rupees a piece at a stall down the hill. Once she goes down the steep hill, she can not climb back in time make more rotis. Suppose the cook can hitch a quick ride from her stall downhill back to the kitchen uphill, by offering a paan to a truck driver. If she starts at the top with P paans and 1 rupee, what is the maximum amount of money she can have at the end?

(A) 2P

(B) 2P

(C) 2P+1

(D) None



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Maximum 2P +1 rupees: she can first make one roti and sell it to get 2 rupees. She can then make P trips to the kitchen, doubling her money with every trip.

what is paan here

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Paan is a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut and sometimes also with tobacco.

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