An instruction pipeline has five stages where each stage takes 2 nano seconds and all instructions use all 5 stages. Branch instructions are not overlapped, i.e., the instruction after the branch is not fetched till the branch instruction is completed under ideal conditions. If a branch instruction is a conditional branch instruction, the branch need not be taken. If the branch is not taken, the following instructions can be overlapped when 80% of all branch instructions are conditional branch instruction, and 50% of the branch instructions are such that the branch is taken. What is the average instruction execution time?

(A) 4 milli seconds

(B) 3.6 milli seconds

(C) 2.96 nano seconds

(D) 3.74 nano seconds



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habibkhan's picture

But for conditional branch according to the question the branch should be taken only if the condition evaluates to be true which is happening 50% of the time..

So none of the options are matching with this approach..

sumitverma's picture

20% are branch
80% of branch are conditional ,implies 80% of 20% are conditional
which means 20% are unconditional(always takes), implies 20% of 20% are unconditional which are taken 50% of branch conditional are taken, implies 50% of 80% of 20% are taken considering for all cases where there is stall : therefore,

Tavg=(1+stall cyle*stall freq) clocks
 = (1+ ( 0.50*0.80*0.20*4 ) + (0.20*0.20*4) ) clocks
 = 1.48 clocks= 1.48 * max{stage dealy}= 1.48*2ns= 2.96 ns

where it is given 20% instructions  are branch instructions???

hradeshpatel's picture

yes none of the option match

@sumitverma, statemet is like

80% of all branch instructions are conditional branch instruction

its not given that 20% are branch

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