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Live classrooms and recordings with your existing Zoom, Meet, Teams or Webex account


Extensive courses with Interactive Videos, Documents, Assignments, Short Notes and Doubts


Create, Manage, Schedule and Evaluate with top-notch quizzing integrated with the classroom which works offline as well


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One of its kind

Full support of mathematical symbols, team formation, team assignments, and gamified challenges and polls

Edtech platforms are proving to be a disruptive force in the landscape of online education which is more prevalent in the current scenario. While there is still a lot of ground to cover in bridging the gap between online and physical classroom experiences, nevertheless innovations happening currently are increasingly making way for closing the gap. Techtud is one such feather in the crown of innovations that define the next generation classroom. It seamlessly brings people together and foster a collaborative learning environment transcending the features of a physical classroom. I am happy to have conducted on Techtud my Lightweight Cryptography course which is one of the first such courses offered in the country. The state-of-the-art features like scheduled LIVE classes, calendar, interactive videos, consolidated assets pages etc. provide a unique teaching experience. My research group LAB also conducted a competition on the platform which witnessed massive participation. Coupled with a very prompt and responsive tech support team, Techtud is gearing up to be a trend-setter as a go-to edtech platform very soon.

Dhiman Saha Professor, IIT Bhilai

Techtud is the one-stop solution for delivering efficient teaching. The collaborative feed and broadcast have helped me to maintain a sturdy connection with my students. Moreover, with the availability of private/public classrooms, I have the flexibility to decide my reach. My students thoroughly enjoy learning via this platform owing to a lot of benefit-driven features. Applications new launch is appearing to be helpful for conducting Virtual Classes.

Sugata Gangopadhyay Professor, IIT Roorkee

Techtud has been an instrumental element in my mentoring career. It is not only a platform for teachers to impart tailor-made courses, but also offers engagement to the students. I have been using Techtud classroom since its inception, starting with my Compiler Design course and later Database Management Systems. There is no denial in saying how much it has helped me and my students to learn and discuss in an effective manner outside the barrier of the physical classroom. Floating assignments with submission deadlines, interacting with students via the social feed are among the effective tools available in Techtud classroom. Seeing the students interact with each other and collaborating over problem solving were the best things I cherish about this platform.

Ranita Biswas Professor, IIT Roorkee

Here’s how Techtud seamlessly blends traditional and online education for one and all

Schedule and manage live sessions and posts

Clear doubts anytime anywhere

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Flexible class hours

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