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The Humble Beginning and Beyond

The idea behind Techtud was grand from the beginning, and to materialize that the first step taken was the Free Test Series for GATE 2014 aspirants. Motivated by the responses received and the noble goal of contributing to the field of quality mass education, Team Techtud continued without any profit motive to launch a full fledged contribution-centric platform on 1st August 2014.

The current version of Techtud is an upgraded version of the same and Team Techtud is still intact and growing stronger with similar minded new members coming forward to serve that same noble goal in a more dynamic manner.

Additionally, Virtual GATE 2015, organized by Team Techtud, was a huge hit; Virtual GATE 2016’s registrations are open till 30th November 2015. Don’t worry, no money will be demanded, but you may occasionally receive some requests to contribute your knowledge and efforts.

The Ultimate Aim

Techtud is a free, interactive and contribution-centric Socio-technical initiative of experts from IITs and IISc to promote active online technical education open for everyone, be it Students, Teachers or Educational Organizations. The core idea is to create a new education culture based on the principle of active participation:


Till now, we were primarily attached to GATE CS syllabus, but now we are planning to take it beyond the boundaries of GATE or Computer Science. Whatever was done by Team Techtud was a demo, but the real action or revolution will require active participation from the educated masses from various technical domains. The ultimate aim is to channelize their energy to conserve, propagate, and upgrade their knowledge for them and millions other.