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better society

Free, interactive, contribution-centric education for a better society.

Constant guidance

Constant guidance from expert members on conceptual as well as generic front.

videos & short notes

Contribute one doubt, answer, small video, your personal short notes etc. depending on your time and mood.

Unlimited learning

Remember 'Teacher' and 'Students' are relative terms. Anybody can teach and there is no limit to learning.

Personal profile

Personal profile with interactive social media features.

Pinpointed Learning

Modularized and structured contents for pinpointed learning.

rating & Quility

User rating based content ranking for quality assurance.


DRIVES (Doubts, Resources, Illustration, Videos, Example & Short notes.), freedom to explore, without any format restrictions.

quizzes and test

Quizzes and regular test series for concept testing.

Techtud is open to suggestions of any kind, feel free to ask anything. Regular upgrades are carried out to forge a platform which is dependable beyond any doubt.