5 Features Every Mentor Should Know About LMS

Published: 27 Jul 2020 | Last updated 20 September 2020

Thinking of taking your classes online? But also confused about the features and benefits?


You have to come to the right place. To strengthen the education models, classes are going online at a rapid pace. Students and teachers, over the past few years, are betting for the social learning management system aka social learning management system for an unparalleled experience. 


Before going into the details, here’s a preview of LMS for both the initiated and the uninitiated-


What is a social learning management system?


A top-notch open source learning management system is a platform that allows educators to create virtual classrooms & impart immersive teaching experience along with a hoard of social networking features. It has proved to be a great knowledge retention tool considering the attributes. 


Now addressing the elephant:


More often than not, teachers remain dazed and confused owing to a lack of proper information regarding such platforms. It’s mainly because people prefer sticking to mundane online courses in the wake of unawareness. 


Don’t follow the same path! Take the road less travelled and inspire others to do the same. 


So, to deliver the best-in-class teaching experience to your students, check out the top 5 features you need to know about the LMS.



1. Not all classrooms have walls

Or even tree sheds and sweltering weather because the disruptive generation is moving towards virtual classrooms. 


A social learning management system provides the opportunity to create your classroom digitally with a few easy steps. The best bet is that you can customize a classroom considering multiple aspects. After putting all the details, you also have the flexibility to decide your reach by making the classroom private or public. Once sorted, invite students with a membership request or a secret code. 


However, if you wish to keep the classroom accessible for the users having an account in the LMS, keep it open for all. For better accountability, you will always get an enrollment number whenever a new user joins the classroom.



2. Answer while everyone doubts

Solving  queries is an essential part of teaching. However, that’s not always the case in a physical classroom due to a restricted schedule concerning the number of students. Moreover, a lot of students often refrain from asking doubts. Fear of being judged or shyness happens to be the primary cause behind this. 


However, the virtual classrooms mitigate all such deterring factors and empower students towards a collaborative learning environment. All you need is to create a discussion forum, where students can ask doubts about keeping their identity anonymous (optional). To solve the questions, you may post solved examples, links, short notes, and much more. Thus, share your passion for the subject and allow the students to inculcate the same with the help of the right LMS.



3. Go LIVE or keep documenting

A social LMS utilizes the best of both worlds to render a blended learning experience. Considering this very fact, you can take LIVE classes or upload already recorded videos as per the requirements. Thus, capture every bit of your empathy and expertise to engage students online. 


Note: LIVE classes can be recorded by the students as LMSes encourages asynchronous communication. 


4. Be a giver of knowledge 

Mentoring is certainly not a magic wand as the process requires a method. To be a good mentor, providing the right information is imperative. Students these days suffer from an acute attention span and tend to wane after a few minutes of studying. Therefore, design interactive content that will help students to focus and learn within a short time. 


You can upload an abundance of study materials in the form of PDF, short notes, blogs, interactive videos, broadcasts, etc. to keep them abreast of the subject. Furthermore, you can use gamification features to engage the students in a healthy competition with their peers and keep them motivated creatively.



5. Who’s the ultimate sleuth

As discussed earlier, paying heed to individual students becomes an arduous task in a physical classroom due to time constraints. Hence, tracking each student’s learning progress effortlessly becomes a rigmarole. 


But as you land in the realm of LMS, things are hassle-free. With the right mixture of automation and manual input, you can keep an eye on every student’s performance seamlessly. From grading their assignments to providing feedback, everything can be achieved without any hassle. So, get the ultimate 007 experience with your virtual classroom and make sure no student can sneak away from his or her duty. 


To say the least

A social learning management system is bringing a shift in the culture. The advantages of teaching on social  learning management system are myriad. That’s why over the past few years, more and more teachers are embracing such platforms to provide quality education to their students. It’s time for you to do the same. Create an inspiring environment of learning by keeping in mind the above-mentioned features and get started right away!

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