5 Killing Hacks to Debut as a Teacher on the LMS

Published: 18 Aug 2020 | Last updated 4 November 2020

From K-12 to Universities, teachers have been asked to undertake a daunting task- shifting online! For many tools like Zoom and Google Meet are relatively new, let alone the best online learning management system. However, getting familiar with the online landscape is as important as one’s physical surroundings. Knowing how to navigate the social LMS with all the digital learning tools not only helps the teachers but also the students with a productive and engaging learning experience. 

That being said, are you planning to debut on an LMS and got stuck? 

Don’t worry. We got you cover. This article will discuss all the nitty-gritty that need to be taken care of while making the first stint on the LMS. Developing a course effectively may seem daunting but a little brush up can make it easy. Follow the below-mentioned strategies to mark your debut on the digital classroom India as grand as possible. 

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1. Have a Proper Digital Base

To be a good digital citizen, you ought to have the right digital setup. This is the very first step to make a stellar debut on the best online learning management system. Online courses, at least in theory, can be taught by anyone in the world who possesses the minimum credentials, smart computing device, and sturdy internet connection.

To employ all the interactive digital learning tools that reflect your teaching style, inspiration, and creativity having a stable digital base is the basic need. 

2. Take a Trail

Deciding on the best online learning management system by taking trials is another crucial hack you should consider. The idea is to make yourself comfortable with the LMS you use for your online class prior to the start of the course. Knowing the features and getting acquainted with the interface will aid you in focusing on your courses rather than dealing with the unwanted technical glitches. 

Usually, the basic features are free and come with a gamut of advantages. Experts always recommend LMS that provides ease-of-use with little to zero complexity. Once you are satisfied with the trail, you may also look for enterprise solutions to keep the look and feel of your physical classroom intact in the virtual one too.

3. Design Your Courses 

To rebuild the classroom community in a digital space, designing the course is of utmost significance. Defining the course materials will help your students to learn and understand the required subject in an effective way. Usually, good LMSes offer the layout to structure your course. All you need to do is to upload the materials on the platform to get started. 

Apart from adding PDFs or slides, you can also upload pre-recorded lectures as a part of the course. In the case of LIVE classes, make the maximum use of video conferencing platforms that remain integrated into the learning management system. 

4. Develop Strategies For Engagement

Encourage participation similar to the physical classroom by implementing engaging strategies. For example use gamified content like quizzes or challenges to keep them intrigued throughout the course. At times, online classes may become cold and boring. Don’t let that happen. You can explore a lot of interactive elements to maximize engagement and keep students motivated. 

Another promising feature is discussion forums. Here you have the flexibility to interact with the students and solve their doubts without breaking a sweat. Discussion forums offer a way to reach students who otherwise hesitate from participation. Moreover, by utilising this feature you can upload different types of multimedia resources to keep the students engaged and abreast of the latest assignments. 

5. Keep Assessing the Students

Analyzing students’ performance, understanding their thought process behind are vital factors in education irrespective of the domain. It helps your students and you to understand the efficiency of the course and will also make sure whether the pre-defined goals are achieved. So, intersperse questions throughout the course to test as you go along.

Also give time-bound assignments for better evaluation. A good LMS allows you to provide both team and individual assignments as and when required. To make your task easier, social LMSes like Techtud offer the plagiarism detection feature for assessing the students in the most credible way. 

Adaptation is the Key

And adoption is the top concern. Be an early adopter to get adapted to the new booming digital learning technologies in education. There are a lot of potential flexibilities in online learning. Undeniably, it is a growing market for both teachers and mentors. So, utilise the opportunity to experience an exciting career development phase and also give back to the community. 

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