7 Must Do Things When in College and Not Regret Later

Published: 10 Aug 2018 | Last updated 13 August 2018

It's a no lie that college is the best four significant years of your life. A few undergrads spend their days contemplating for whatever exam is next on the rundown, while others invest the whole time oscillating between different phases of tipsiness and hungover. I think the two closures of the range are bit excessively outrageous.

Certainly, it's for the most part, a period of experimentation, observation, and adaptability, however as any individual who's been there lately can tell you, it's tremendously distressing. Also, it considerably matters.

This article is to let others know about what they ought to do while in college, so they don't miss out on real-life opportunities.

Start with something:

College is an ideal time to start something. And by start something, I mean a blog, or social group, or comedy group, a conference, club, or even a business this year. The list is endless but time is not. So, it should be a wise call to collaborate with your friends & professors and do something. Professors will help you identify your interest for a particular subject and you may even be able to find ways to connect with specific groups of people with their help, maybe a research group which could change the course of your career substantially.

Join different Clubs and Groups:

Most of the time colleges offer a wide spectrum of sports and clubs to join. Being a freshman, there are a lot of problems that we face on different matters. Struggling with classes, adapting to the new lifestyle, the freedom of living alone and the struggle of being alone. Sports and Club involvements keep you occupied and you get less time to overthink about puny problems. Get decked out in school colors or paint your face and go to a sports game — even if you don't like sports. It will be worth it!

Explore not Implore:

Do not hesitate to try new things, even if it is a change in your academic course. There are times when you misunderstand or under-evaluate yourself on the basis of current situation, whereas the truth is that you could become a better designer than a programmer, or even an emphatic writer than an average designer. At Least that’s what 3 Idiots taught me. I’ve known people who switched career paths along the way, and they are reaping success. Take a class in a subject you know little about. Your specialization is pretty must for your career, but acquiring something completely new will hone your skills for the rest of your life in today’s skill based economy.

Teach what you’re best at:

Taking tutoring as a part-time involvement transpires with a number of perks that fall right along the lines of what most students are looking for. If you find you are particularly skilled when it comes to understanding a certain subject, consider being a teacher to someone. These positions could be either voluntary or paid, but either way they look great on your resume and explaining to someone else also helps you memorise it even better. Students may not immediately recognize these benefits but, you are the master of your own time, you have a pool of experiences to put in your resume and on top of everything, you can manage your pocket money better. Try your hands on free Virtual Classroom by Techtud.

Attend extracurricular lectures and seminars:

Every university or college bring guest speakers and lecturers to campus for its students. Moreover, many colleges run reading groups, internal seminars, or debates. Encourage your peer group to get involved with these. This kind of involvement looks great on your resume, and could be a great way to get feedback on your ideas from others. Lots of professors will even offer credits if you show up at these seminars.

Get some real work experience:

College is one of the best times to gain work experience. The biggest regret of college graduates is not getting enough work experience in their stream or branch. Try not to limit yourself to a similar part-time job or internship every summer. After college, a vast majority of students understand that having work experience adds enormous value as it places them in a superior position to land the sort of job they need.

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Be wise, begin now: Don't wait to figure out your life after college. Spend time thinking about who you are and what you eventually want out of life. Before you even feel ready, do something challenging and push your limits - don't just put it off because your career vision seems too far away.

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