Coaching Centers in Clouds to Contest Covid-19: Know-How

Published: 8 May 2020 | Last updated 20 September 2020

From social distancing to the sagging economy to interrupted education, the microbe mayhem is not stopping anytime soon. Keeping the wits together, people across the globe are opting for alternative methods to cope with the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic. 


Here are some classic examples. Employers are promoting work from home culture to sustain and thrive amid the crisis. The government is hoping against hope to recover the economy. Moreover, with the shutdown of schools and colleges, the education system is shifting to cloud classrooms. However, there is still a loophole prevalent in the education system that needs special attention. 


Can’t figure it out?


We are talking about the coaching institutions of both smaller and larger scales. A lot many students in pursuit of their dreams take the aid of coaching centers sprawled across the country. More often than not, learners even leave their hometowns and join such institutions to get a competitive edge. But due to the lockdown, things have drastically changed for both the learners and coaching institutions. 


Mulling over the solution? Well, the only way to stay connected and defy interrupted learning is by going to the cloud! 

Yes, coaching institutions should adopt the cloud technology to conduct virtual classes and share resources much like the traditional form. Here comes a list of DOs for such centers to bloom through the digital space. 


Stay hooked:



Crafting the Stage for a Proper Interaction
Several studies have revealed that proper interaction in the classroom ensures a smooth teaching and learning process. Shut down of coaching institutions perfectly oppose the former. In such a situation, the very first thing a coaching center should do is to have an excellent virtual classroom setup. It has a plethora of benefits compared to a brick and mortar class. Have a look:


  • Option to conduct subject-wise live classes 
  • Sessions can be recorded 
  • No confinements of time and space
  • Both classes and shareable resources are just a click away
  • Convenient for the mentors and learners 
  • Cost-effective measure 

Building the main stage for effortless communication will add momentum to the business model of traditional coaching centres. This is because the existing online platforms are trying to create a broader customer base by augmenting their features and providing free resources. So, to fight the leaders, the coaching institutions of various domains need to follow suit. 


Engagement Remains the Key

Education sans engagement is nothing but trivia. Especially, in the face of this unpredictable pandemic, students require maximum engagement to continue their learning. Moreover, a lot of students may be subjected to stressors owing to quarantine. So, amid this adversity, the coaching institutions need to buckle up and take up the measures that would promote engagement at par. Some of the hacks that can be achieved via online classrooms are gamification of quizzes, online discussions, participating or organizing polls and surveys, so on and so forth. 


Note: All these tactics can certainly bring in a different kind of opportunity for the centers in the long run!



Customized Content for Virtual Classes
Of all the essential imperatives, this happens to be the most important. The idea is to render exhaustive study materials with proper format. For example, apart from doc files, PPTs, precise PDFs, recorded lectures, animations can suffice the purpose. The same is also true for online assignments. The assignments should be designed to amplify students’ critical thinking level. 



Doing Away with Doubts is a Must
Proper answers exist only to questions and doubts!

Asking doubts and getting them solved is a significant aspect of learning. Hence, coaching institutions must conduct doubt clearing sessions to help students excel in their respective objectives. Apart from live sessions, both the students and mentors should get the flexibility of posting & solving doubts as per their convenience. 


Makes sense? It has to be!



Peer-to-Peer Connection
There is no harm in admitting that human presence matters when it comes to education. The concept of learning together is indeed beautiful. Therefore, to impart a sense of humanness and inclusivity, the coaching center should have a plan and incorporate peer interaction. For instance, launching a challenge to solve a question or an assignment will strengthen peer interaction. Moreover, it will encourage reciprocal learning activity. 


If the above-suggested things are done right, the coaching centers can shoot up and also help the learners outweighing every challenge. 


Food for Thought
In the time of Covid-19, the entire world is experiencing a malady of the most grievous kind. Amid this uncertainty, coaching centers should adapt to the new reality of virtual classrooms. The smarter ones have already implemented the virtual learning infrastructure by tying up with estimable social LMSes. And the smartest centers have understood that post-COVID-19, India will experience a change in the education sector as online immersive learning will no longer remain a fad! It’s here to stay. 


Therefore, they are incorporating digital tools at a larger scale to leverage best practices. So, what are you waiting for? Stick to the order of the day and get started. 


Happy enterprising!

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