Dhiman Saha

Published: 9 Sep 2015 | Last updated 7 May 2021

Name: Dhiman Saha
Institute: IIT Kharagpur
Department: Computer Science & Engineering
Course: PhD
Year of Joining: 2012
Supervisor’s Name: Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
Supervisor’s Designation: Professor
Supervisor’s Web:
Domain of Research: Cryptography, Cellular Automata, VLSI
Specific Research Topic: Design and Crypatanalysis of Symmetric Cryptosystems, Advanced analysis of linear and non-linear Cellular Automaton.

Why did you choose to be a researcher?
Actually, I want to be a Professor as I love teaching. Research helps me constantly grow and contribute to my community and to the understanding of the problems I choose to address. On a more philosophical note, I love creativity and Research helps me to stay creative. As a Researcher, I can strive to enhance the already known and to explore the unknown that is waiting to come into existence.

Why did you choose this particular research domain?
To be honest, I did my Master's in this field and developed an instant liking for it. Most importantly crypto fascinates since it is the basis of anything that want to do online securely and in an authenticated way. It is in fact an interdisciplinary field where mathematicians, computer scientist and even physicists can and do contribute. To put things into perspective I can say that if crypto fails the economy of the entire world fails with it. So I think I made my point as to why it is important to study, understand and enhance the current state-of-the-art in cryptography. Hail Crypto !!!

Expected pre-requirements in this domain of research:
Strong background in Maths and Statistics can be a plus point, Basic knowledge of complexity theory will suffice.

What is the joining procedure in your course?
PhD applicants can provide their choice of field and if the supervisor has an open slot for intake, then he/she can enroll once they have cleared the PhD interview. Intake in the Dept is twice a year.

Importance of your specific research:
Anything and everything one does online is in a way related to cryptography. Be it providing a secure communication or authenticating a source of information or proving integrity of the data being received, all employ some form of a cryptographic primitive. I particularly work in the integrity part in studying the randomness property of cryptographic hash functions. Additionally, I also see to situations where a fault in a system (accidental or intentional) renders it compromised. My work also entails studying higher order derivatives which apparently seems distant from the practical perspective but can be an important tool to study and prove security of cryptosystems which is believed to be difficult in certain settings.

Publication link (DBLP):

How do you think you are affecting the society/community through your work?
My research area is the back-bone of the online-banking industry and also the e-commerce industry. With the world moving towards an online age, the impact of our research work is acquiring gigantic proportions.

Approximately how many hours do you spend each day on active research?
This is difficult to tell. I don't work at a stretch. My effort towards my research is amortized over my entire stay here. I am driven by interest and when I get in to a thing I try to eat and sleep over it. So research, in my opinion is not a 9 to 5 job. But after all, this just an opinion and you are free to have yours.

What are your main responsibilities in this course beside research?
Invigilation during exams.

The amount of scholarship/salary you receive per month: Around 25000

Are you happy with your career choice?
Yes, I want to be a Professor and a PhD helps me in the way to achieve this.

What are you planning to do after completing this course?
Teach (May also apply for PDFs in the meantime).

Do you have any other significant interest beside academics?
Photography, Travelling, Science Fiction, Music.

Any advice towards future researchers:
If you have it in you, you know it and I don't have to tell you. Follow your heart, the mind is not good at certain things.

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