IITB RA Interview Experience | 2016

Published: 19 Feb 2017 | Last updated 28 April 2017

GEN: GATE Score > 750
OBC: GATE Score>  600

Written Test: Total 30 questions were divided in three parts as Maths/aptitude, Systems and Algorithms. The level of the questions was similar to GATE. There were some very tricky questions on probability and counting. Total of 182 appeared in this round, and 100 were selected.
Then there was a presentation for all the 9 projects and 24 available positions for RA.
1) Computer Centre sysadmin: Positions available-4
2) PANDA: Positions available-1
3) CSE sysadmin: Positions available-4
4) ASC: Positions available-2
5) System security: Positions available-3
6) Robotics and eyantra: Positions available-1
7) Machine learning: Positions available-2
8) C-USE: Positions available-2
9) IITBombayx: Positions available-5

Programming Test: Programming test was very simple. One programe was on parentheses matching and other I don't remember :P 
This was not an elimination round.

Interview: Based on the performance in written and Programming test, candidates were shortlisted for the interview. We had to fill the preference of the projects and then everyone was eligible for at least two interviews. I got shortlisted in 4 projects which were at my top 4 preferences.

1st (Robotics and eyantra) :-  There were 3 professors in the panel. They asked me about my B.Tech project. They asked 4-5 questions on my project. They asked my interest in Robotics. Since I had worked on  AVR microcontrollers,IR sensors and Sonar sensors, they asked some of the questions on that.

2nd(CSE sysadmin) :- They asked only Computer networking in this interview. They asked questions related DVR, LSR, Count to infinity Problem, TCP, Socket Programming and many Linux commands.

3rd(ASC) :- Thery asked only DBMS and Java in this interview. They asked definition of transaction, ACID property, View and Conflict serializability. They asked 2-3 SQL queries(one of them was to find 2nd highest marks from a table containing marks of the students). Then they asked some of the basic JAVA questions.

4th(IITBombayx) :- The time was 12:15 AM when the interview started :( They asked me basic Algorithms like BFS, DFS, Implementing queue with two stacks, Implementing Stack with two queues, Ballman Ford. They asked 5-6 questions on my B.Tech. project. They asked some questions from graph theory, Compliers also.

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