IITH RA Interview | 2016

Published: 19 Feb 2017 | Last updated 1 March 2017

Cutoff :
GEN: GATE Score > 650
OBC: GATE Score > 580
B.Tech > 77 %
There was no written test. 
: They asked me to choose one subject for my interview. I chose Algorithms. Some of the questions were :
1. How to store graphs. 
2. I answered adjacency list and adjacency matrix. Then they asked the pros. and cons. of both the representations.
3. Asked some basic algorithms on BFS, DFS, Finding shortest path.
4. Asked many graph theory proofs like Connectednss, Planar etc.
5. They asked me to write merge short procedure and then they asked some of the questions on that.
6. Some recursive equations.
7. They asked me some algorithms at the end. I suggest everyone to go through geeksforgeeks algorithm section for that.


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