Let's eat an Elephant ...

Published: 26 Jun 2019 | Last updated 30 July 2019

What if I ask you "How can we eat an elephant?"

Sounds weird, isn't it? No offense, I like elephants too but you have to eat your elephant to do great things. In fact, we need to practice to eat an elephant.


I am not talking about the elephant in the above figure. The elephant that I am talking about, is an important and heavy task which makes us afraid. The task that matters most to us. That's why I named it an Elephant. But if in reality, we have to eat an elephant how do we do this? 


When we start doing a new thing, the first thing we do is Planning. Everyone does that. We do plan things like what do we have to do, what will be its consequences, how much time will it take approximately? But then we forgot. I am sharing some steps to make your life easy


Steps to Eat an Elephant:


1. Writing our dream goals:

It will always remind you that you have decided to eat an elephant, not just a goat.

When we write our dreams on paper we can feel it physically. Believe me,  the physical feeling is far better than a spiritual feeling. Now our dreams have a physical form. We can see it as well as feel it. It is very important to feel your dreams every day. 


2. Setting up a time table:

Deciding what part of elephant we have to eat at what time.

This will help with your digestion because our body has different digestion capacity at a different time.

When we make the time table, we are actually looking at the flow of time through our naked eyes. 


3. Setting up deadline:

Knowing how much time we need to finish one part of the elephant. 

When we set deadlines for us, we are actually practicing the discipline. One smart person has told "Motivation is why you started, Discipline is what will keep you going''. Discipline can't be learned it can be practiced. We should always know how much time we have to put for a particular thing and when we have to stop. In some movie, Popular Bollywood star Mr. Shahrukh Khan said: "Genius is knowing when to stop".


4. Eat your frog every day:

The only way to eat a frog is just keep eating it without thinking much about it. Just put it in your mouth and eat it at one go.

Frog refers to the hardest and boring task that you do every day. When we finish the hardest task, we feel a different kind of self-satisfaction and even Iron man said this"Sometimes you gonna run before you walk" .[कभी  -कभी कोई आसान काम करने से पहले शुरवात मुश्किल से करनी चाहिए]

So the point is always to finish your toughest and boring task first.

The same way how I told you to eat a living frog, That is the only way to finish your boring task, just do that. There is no other way.



Do you remember the very first question that I had asked you at the beginning of this blog?

The Answer is One bite at a time.

That's the only way to eat the elephant. In the begining, you may feel it is impossible but slowly when you see your continuous efforts, you will realize that you can do it.

In our life we all have problems. If you are alive you will always have problems. So try to analyze it. try to solve one problem at one time. Don't get panic. Keep Calm and enjoy your life.




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