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Published: 24 Aug 2015 | Last updated 7 May 2021

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the Missile Man and the 11th  President of India, authored a book titled India 2020. Unfortunately, his dream of making India a developed nation by 2020 may remain a dream, but is it something unachievable? Maybe not 2020, but what about 2025 or 2030, if we start from now?

Logically, with a population of 1.267 billion, our government alone is incapable of materializing such grand visions. However, small Collaborated Consistent Contributions from this 1.267 billion strong youthful population can amaze the world, like we did with ‘Mangalyaan’. We don’t need to step out of our comfort zone, we just need to include some visionary constructive activities in our respective domains.

There is a mountain of mountainous challenges, e.g. India currently has the largest illiterate population. Even if we consider only engineering, here are some facts and figures:

India My Nation… OUR Nation

  • 3,384 AICTE approved Engineering Colleges with intake capacity of 1,634,596
  • The figure 1,634,596 looks like too much, but statistically India needs even more
  • Unreliable quality of teaching faculty and infrastructure
  • Inefficient utilization of the benefits of digital/online resources
  • Lack of basic concepts and skills leading to low employability
  • Low average salary and mismatch between job profile and degree in hand
  • Shortage of 150,000 faculty but still teaching is not a career preference

So, members of Techtud, who are a bunch of IIT and IISc graduates, students from other premier Institutions, and skilled professionals, are set to implement a visionary educational platform while staying in their 'comfort zone' or domain i.e. Engineering. The idea is to utilize the boons of digital era to promote interactive contribution-centric online education i.e. it is for Teachers and Students both. One more important thing, it's completely free and open to all without any room for favoritism of any kind. To feel the real weight of above words kindly visit

If you still feel that this is unrealistic or only about fashionably 'talking big', then it is the right moment to remind you that: Great Visions are Impossible Dreams, encouraged by Big Words, supported by Small but Consistent Efforts, gradually leading to Revolutionary Results.

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