That moment of Indecision... MBA?

Published: 3 Oct 2014 | Last updated 15 March 2015

It gets very difficult when you have to make decisions regarding your career choices. In Graduation College, we have very little knowledge about what a particular career choice would mean in the future. But, this is one of the most important decisions and needs to be taken carefully.

The first important point is to get to know yourself. Find your interests in terms of profession, and what kind of a job you would like to do. Because liking your job is seriously important, I mean you are going to do this all your life! See if you are more technically inclined, want to get your hands into building things, or you more like to manage stuffs like organize, analyse, structure, take decisions etc. The choices you are evaluating in terms of higher education or job after graduation should be linked to the kind of role you see yourself in the future.

I always liked to be involved in decision making and organizing things. I was good in studying technical aspects of my engineering and did pretty well as a software developer as well. But, I didn’t want to keep doing that forever. While working for some years, you do get to rise in the organization and take up more decision making and leadership roles. But, the process is very gradual and you learn through experience. An MBA education would fasten this process and give you the opportunity to be in a decision making position, giving greater autonomy to work. Also, the knowledge, which you would gain in these two years, enables you to have a backing to take the decisions.

The kind of opportunities in terms of career advancement you would find for yourself after an MBA are enormous. Beside faster growth in your own field, if you are looking for a change in the field you are working in and want to explore something new, an MBA gives you that opportunity. That’s why you would find graduates from varied backgrounds in an MBA class.

Also, an MBA education would help you open up your mind to new ideas and will grow your personality in many dimensions. But, you have to understand that this is not exclusive to an MBA education and there are other ways in which this can be made possible, but the way in which this is facilitated here is because of the experiences. You get to explore a lot and there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you, of course with a caveat, i.e. if you are ready for the change.

And lastly, the Fun. So you think you have had a lot of fun with your friends in Graduation College and that your awesome group was the most fun and now anything can’t be as much fun. Think again, these two years will be an enthralling experience. The activities, the parties, the people you get to meet, the competitions, the professional talks and even classes. The entire experience of it is one that anyone should go through once. 

  • Naina Agrawal
  • @naina
  • Senior editor at techtud

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