M.Tech admission process experience | IIT Kanpur | 2017

Published: 24 Feb 2018 | Last updated 24 February 2018
Shortlist Criteria:
UG Percentage > 55%

Note: There is no direct admission at IIT Kanpur. This process is mandatory for everyone.

1. 1st round Written Test with fill in the blanks and Multiple choice questions.
2. Programming Test
3. 2nd round of Written Test with subjective questions

Syllabus of Tests:

1. 1st Round Written Test:

This was a GATE like test but the quality of questions was better than GATE.
This was a 3 hour test. Questions were divide into 3 parts:
1. Theory
2. Systems
3. Statistics and Data Sciences
Only 2 parts were required to be attempted. You can check the syllabus of all the 3 parts in the link above.

2. Programming Test:
There were 3 programming questions (20+30+50 marks). The level of questions was really good. 1 question was based on Greedy and remaining 2 questions were based on DP approach.

1st level of elimination was done by considering the scores of both the rounds. (Programming part carries more weightage.)

Those who were able to do at least 1 program correctly with a good score in written test got shortlisted for the last round.

3. Subjective Test round:
The question paper was again divided into 3 parts:
2. Systems
3. Data Science
Only 2 parts were required to be attempted. I chose 1st two parts:

3.1 Theory:
There were 3 questions in this part. One was based on graph traversal algorithm. 2 were proofs on graph theory. I don't remember the questions because each question was of a page length :P

3.2 Systems:
Again 3 questions in this part. There was a nice question on deadlock in this section. The questions were based on Computer Architecture, OS, CN.

3.3 Data Science:
I haven't attempted this part but this part was full of probabilities, Linear Algebra etc.

There was no interview round for admission.I was in Waiting list till I accepted the offer of IIT Kharagpur.

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