M.Tech Interview Experience | IIT Delhi | 2017

Published: 24 Feb 2018 | Last updated 24 February 2018
Shortlisting Criteria:

Candidate should pass any one of the below alternatives:

Alternative 1:
Category_______UG Percentage/GPA________ GATE Score
GEN ___________ 67.5/ 7.5 ________________ 790
OBC ____________ 67.5 / 7.5 _____________ 710
SC ____________60/ 6.75 _______________550

Alternative 2:

Category ______UG Percentage / GPA ________ GATE Score
GEN _________ 60/ 6.75 _________________ 820
OBC _________ 60/6.75 __________________ 735
SC _________ 55/6.25 __________________ 600

Source :

There was no written round for IIT Delhi.

Interview Round:
My panel was of 3 professors. They asked the following questions:
1. GATE Score, UG Percentage, B.Tech Project
2. What is speedup in COA? They asked me to derive the expression for it.
3. There is a semi infinite array of 1's,2's,3's in the non descending order. How will you find the first occurrence of 3 and mid of 2's in best possible way.
4. Question on page table size, inverted page table.
5. They asked me to derive the expression for the performance of random quick sort.
6. Last question was based on different addressing modes.

The interview questions were purely based on the panels. Some panels were asking so much of mathematics whereas some of them were asking pure algorithms. I felt my panel was asking questions mostly on computer architecture and algorithms.

For the final selection, GATE score will have 70% weightage, and the interview will have 30% weightage.

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