My experience with Techtud and OpenSenseLabs

It all started with unsatisfied result of GATE 2017 when i secured 2103 rank, with not so much scope of getting into any IIT, then I decided to take a fresh shot for GATE 2018 and achieve my goal. At the same time I was going through a depression phase , then my mother and brother helped me to recollect myself and boasted me to give myself a second chance , then one day I came across idea of joining techtud as an intern so that i could continue my preparation without any society pressure of not being earning....
     So, i applied for internship, fortunately I got selected also. I joined techtud on 30th May, 2017 . Yes, it was my first workplace. That feeling was awesome, then after few days on 6th June, tragedy happened with my family , due to which i lost my family and everything, after recollecting myself i resumed my internship on 21st July, 2017 with the sole aim of cracking GATE asap. Now , I want to get myself settled ASAP. Techtud team helped me a lot to overcome my problems, after a huge break i had almost forgotten all preparation which i did before. Then , there came time to take a fresh start and start learning again, as of now i was blank, and i doubted myself of getting a new job.
    After few months, when i was bit prepared I applied for job vacancy in Adobe , as a result I am selected , all the credits goes to OSL team who helped me to recover myself without any selfish motives, my roomie and my friend who encouraged me to take this step. Now , I am employed and have the aim of getting my parent's dreams fulfilled ASAP.
    So, overall my experience with OSL and techtud was more than awesome , where I made good friends and now I have regret of losing them all.

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