Overconfidence, Underconfidence and Reality Checks

Published: 24 Nov 2014 | Last updated 7 May 2021

Human psychology is strange, it is one of  the  real reasons behind success and failure. A same action by different individuals can result into multiple psychological reactions. Two students with similar level of intelligence, solving the same number of question or covering the same amount of academic portions can have different level of confidence about their preparations.

Sometimes situations are even stranger, a student with inadequate preparation may have tons of baseless confidence pumped up in his head and a student with sufficient level of preparation may be nervous.

Overconfidence leads to carelessness and underconfidence/nervousness may lead to depression or wrong decisions, both ultimately leading to degraded preparation or performance.

At this point, a reality check is the need of the moment. Mock tests or test series are very useful in deflating the excessively pumped morale and at the same time inflating the under-pumped ones.

Timing of such reality checks is also one of the Critical Success Factor(CSF). A regular and modularized TEST SERIES weeds out early misconceptions which can turn out to be too costly at a later stage if left unrectified.

So be it GATE-2018 or your life in general, keep your confidence level optimized by having timely reality checks.

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