Small can be Great

Published: 1 Dec 2014 | Last updated 7 May 2021

At times life can be very demanding and ruthless. It will push you down in a dark deep well, breaking your spine, and will ask you to come out or rot there! This is the moment when you need a helping hand, like oxygen to breathe. Every human know that this unpredictable life can betray them at any moment. This is the basic reason behind existence of words like care, help, contribution, sharing etc. in the dictionary of we humans.

A help or contribution required by someone needy can be massive in size. Everyone can not be as capable or generous as the great ‘Danvaeer Karna’ in ‘Mahabharata’. However, a group of people can come together and share the responsibility by distributing it among themselve, depending on their individual potentials.

small contribution techtud

Small contribution create Great results. The strength and courage of each soldier(1,129,900 active and 960,000 reserve) is the real reason behind the majestic Indian Army. Similar principles apply to the field of education too. A single doubt, example, resource,illustration, short notes or video contributed on some topic of individual interest by millions on a single interactive, neutral, non-profit and contribution centric platform like Techtud can create something amazing.

So, think and decide when you are going to contribute(in any field) for a better future because life is demanding,ruthless and  unpredictable...

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