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Published: 3 Jan 2018 | Last updated 30 January 2018

Hello Tech Lovers,

Techtud is announcing its internship program ‘Learn Drupal, Support Education’ in collaboration with OpenSense Labs.

We are pleased to invite interested candidates for the internship program. The internship is designed to introduce Drupal to the students and engage them in learning more about it. The curriculum is designed with an aim to provide the interns an opportunity to combine their theoretical foundation on Drupal and help other young Techtuds explore it. Through the program, the selected interns ought to have the capacity to acquire skills (technical, teamwork, and management) important for better opportunities in their careers. The tenure of the internship will also ensure you learn more than just the theoretical knowledge.  

The Curriculum of Internship

Once you get selected, you need to register on a private portal where you will be assigned a mentor. Your mentor will supply you daily learning assignments introducing you to the process. After which you need to pen down your observations and insights in the form of articles and tutorials. The end result may vary from an implementation code to a straightforward article on the learned topic. Each submission will be checked by the mentors and a rating will be given.


This is a paid internship and there is no defined upper and lower bound. Your stipend will be calculated on the basis of the ratings to your submissions. The stipend is to support your ongoing expenses and to keep you motivated throughout. However, we expect the serious candidates to understand the bigger picture.

Get Hired

Last but not least, the students can explore their interest and career in Drupal development with OpenSense Labs.

To apply, drop a mail at [email protected]

Last Date To Apply - 10th February 2018

Internship Guidelines

  1. Plagiarism is not supported
    At OpenSense Labs, we take plagiarism very seriously. Plagiarism, when caught will result in termination of your internship.

  2. Follow the deadline strictly
    We are very particular about the timings and we expect you to follow the same.

  3. Be fully committed to completing your article you promise to write
    We want you to be serious about your words. Be sure about your capabilities before committing.

  4. Proofread your article before sending
    Before submitting please ensure that you check your article at Grammarly.

  5. Need code snippets in every article
    Every article needs to have code snippets in the body.

  6. Share the articles on social media written by you
    The more the likes your article gets the more benefits there are in store for you.

Have something to share? Write for us!

Contact Us at [email protected]

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