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Published: 29 Jan 2014 | Last updated 10 October 2015

We all know about the ‘Aim for the bird’s eye’ test taken by Dronacharya to assess the basic nature of Pandavas and Kauravas. Only Arjun passed the test, because only Arjun possessed the quality of ‘pin point focus.’ With the nerve wrecking competition in GATE, you need to assess the level of your focus from time to time with some standard test series.

We at Techtud are on our toes to prepare some challenging series of tests to keep the GATE aspirants on their toes. With barely four months left, you first need to know your level, instead of digging deep into books.

It’s the time to know your weaknesses and strengths. Arjun was the best archer, but he was backed by Yudhistir’s wisdom and Bheem’s brute power of 1000 elephants in his arms. You cannot master all subjects, or even all topics in a single subject. Depending on your technical aptitude you may be a natural scholar in some subject topics and a struggler in others. The results of the test series will point towards the best weapon in your arsenal (your strong topics) as well as the loopholes in your defense (low scoring topics or topics behind majority of your negative marks).

Maintain the hold on the strong topics, and device a clever strategy for the vulnerable areas. Completely leave few topics which are too vast or complex if you have not touched them till date. Work on the half baked topics which you have covered, but were not able to gain proper confidence from exam’s point of view.

Remember GATE is like Gabbar i.e. unforgiving and brutal, for every mistake/wrong answer it scoops away a fraction of marks from your hard earned possible total score. So, accuracy is the key; ’Mr. /Miss Happy Go Lucky’ undoubtedly faces failure in GATE. So, from now on be prepared to face the ‘ACID tests’, at most they will corrode the layer of laziness and misconceptions on your mind to make you more alert before it’s too late. All the Best!!

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