Uninterrupted Learning with Virtual Classroom during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: 14 May 2020 | Last updated 20 September 2020

It’s strange, how good things are tied up with bad. Yes! Amid the outlook of coronavirus pandemic, there are instances where the best of human nature can rise to the challenge. Courtesy: The immense digital potential that the web 2.0 generation is implementing at large. 


COVID-19 is seemingly upending almost everything across the nooks and corners of the globe rendering financial shocks. However, the microbe has made a difference in the e-learning ecosystem for sure. In the wake of the current pandemic, online learning conveniences have been transformed into necessities within no time. Needless to say, this virus has made virtual classes go viral. 


If you are trying to enhance your discipline or learn any new skill conquering the roadblocks, taking the virtual voyage of learning is the smartest choice. Here’s how you can take a leap to your learning curve digitally while being quarantined. Read on:




1. Blended Learning at its Best

Virtual classrooms offer a perfect amalgamation of audio, visual, and textual interaction imparting comprehensive online tutorials. Without actually being physically present, you will have the chance to interact with the educators, enjoy an array of online presentations, webinars, and live streaming ensuring the best learning experience. 


There is more to this! Unlike the brick and mortar classes, you don’t need to freak out for missing a good part of the session. For every live lecture is recorded to benefit the learners. 


Ain’t this intriguing enough?




2. Begin Anytime

Tying up with the last one, this is a no brainer!


Cut across any timezone and geographical barrier when it comes to a virtual classroom. This e-learning tool allows students to get access to all the classes anytime, anywhere. So, enrich your knowledge while lazing on your porch or lying on your bed. With the aid of such classrooms, educational resources are just a click away. 




3. Higher Standard of Accountability

Much of the common myths around e-classes scream that these lack credibility and accountability. If you think the same, time to burst the bubble! 


Online live classes and pre-recorded lectures are undoubtedly reliable methods to upskill and expand learning orientation, especially during these trying times. Esteemable social learning management software like Techtud believes in proffering notable educators from tier 1 institutions with top-notch reading materials. 


Can you guess the best part? It’s completely free!




4. Assignments Made Easy

In order to get a thorough clarity to the lessons, you can explore a flurry of assignments post every session. It can be a weekly assignment or an online test. Assignments of these sorts come with strict deadlines. So, if you are religious with routines and dedicated to the timeline, you will certainly reap benefits from such tests. Needless to mention, the more assignments and crash tests you take, the better you become. Moreover, with real-time assessment, you will get the chance to fix mistakes and be cognizant of your progress. 




5. Ideate Through Discussions

What good is a classroom sans discussions and interactions! When the whole world is practicing social distancing, seamless discussions with peers and mentors can be a far-fetched dream. But, that’s not true in the case of a virtually-driven classroom. 


Socialize while learning by entering live chat rooms, discussion forums, and doubt clearing classes. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people driving team-based learning. Furthermore, if you don’t prefer too much crowd, there are exclusive private discussion forums for a differentiated approach. 


Final Takeaway

The world is certainly not going to be the same after the pandemic reaches its finale. So, let us see life from an optimistic perspective. Make the most of your time learning and honing your skills while tussling with the uncertainties. This shall too pass but blessed are the ones who have easy access to technology and resources. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get started by logging in right away! 

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