Virtual GATE: The experience will be real but uneasy

Published: 6 Jan 2015 | Last updated 7 May 2021

GATE is a door of opportunity opened only once in 365 days. You toil for days and months embedded with countless sleepless nights before this door opens. 180 minutes for a set of tightly packed questions with lethal negative marking for each wrong answer makes GATE a tough nut to crack.

Lots of people prepare really hard, but there is a counter on the number of people who can pass through this door to enter the IITs. In an environment with such high pressure, any delay or mistake caused due to the unfamiliarity with the GATE’s Online User Interface or lack of practice on it can shatter your dreams.

Virtual GATE is a completely free of cost opportunity. By attempting it you can test your overall level of preparation for GATE on an Online User Interface similar as the one finalized for GATE-2015. It will be a real but uneasy experience and we hope that you will face the reality bravely.

virtual gate

Virtual 2015 :

Few key points to be noted are:

1. There will be only one Virtual GATE per registered user.
Multiple attempts leads to lack of seriousness, so be honest to yourself, make all preparations from all possible angles in advance, and try to give your best shot in that one single attempt only. May be you will score poorly, but that will be your uneasy reality which you can change in by working on the flaws discovered through Virtual GATE.
WARNING: Don’t relax if you are the topper because Virtual GATE will take place at least 12 days before GATE 2015. 12 days are more than sufficient for the underdogs to become the kings (if they have some decent amount of advance preparation). Toil hard because perfection has no limit.

2. Virtual GATE can have multiple time slots.
If the number of registrations crosses a threshold then they will be divided into different time slots.

3) Calculation of rank will be done after the completion of Virtual GATE for all time slots, using the same algorithm used to calculate rank in original GATE.

4) Using unfair means to score better will be your loss only.
Obviously you can use books, sit in groups, make multiple registrations etc., but it will be better to watch a movie or have some fun in that time duration, because it is not a contest where you will get some cash or grand gift hampers. 
There will be some surprise rewards, but they will be modest and meaningful. Still if you feel that scoring good in virtual gate using unfair means will help you to get them then please, let us have the honour to disappoint you. You only need to attempt Virtual Gate for three hours to be eligible for the reward, but it will be given only to students securing good ranks in GATE 2015 (details will be disclosed later), irrespective of their ranks in Virtual GATE. Apart from the rewards, all honest users will experience our gifts while attempting the GATE 2015 in real.

If you have a basic dependable Internet connection, then you can attempt Virtual GATE. For registrations, further details and regular updates about Virtual GATE, kindly visit:
Best of Luck, All the Best because in the long run luck can betray you. However, hard and honest labor done by you will always bear fruits sooner or later.


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