What are textbooks to follow for GATE Preparation?

Published: 17 Mar 2015 | Last updated 7 May 2021

If you take any subject there are many textbooks that are accepted as standard textbooks worldwide. There is no one single text book to point to. If there was, GATE committee would have mentioned it. Among the accepted standard textbooks, you can narrow down to the ones that comply with the GATE Syllabus. You might have got a handful of textbooks. From those textbooks, start reading a few pages of each. Pick the one that you can follow and grasp things better than other books.

Now, even if you pick one book, It neither means you have to read the entire book nor you have to stick to it. It is often the case that different topics in a subject can be learnt from different books. For eg: consider Computer Organization, I used William stallings as the base book. But it doesn't mean I have read the entire book, nor I didn't refer any other. I have used Hamachar, Morris Mano others as well, for different portions and also for doing problem exercises. One can even rely on online video lectures, lecture slides, lecture notes (Provided by NPTEL or foreign univs like MIT, Berkeley, CMU etc.). In fact during the last month I relied more on lecture slides for revision purposes.

As an additional note, It is not recommended that you study from GATE Study Materials alone. Though these books are often good to streamline what to learn or to provide a gist of what to learn and for doing practice questions, It is always advisable that to grasp the concepts one must read the textbooks. Also, all these study materials (GATEFORUM, ACE, Made easy) are sure to contain errors, at some part or other. But there is nothing wrong in keeping one of these by your side for the above said reasons.

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