Why Should You Choose Drupal as Your Career Path?

Published: 24 Jan 2018 | Last updated 24 January 2018

Drupal is the third most popular CMS in the market and second in terms of the number of sites in top one million: 31,218 (- 26,474) beating Joomla by 4,744 sites. According to a report by Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal), India is the top second place from where the contribution originates.  

The Drupal Association, in one of its annual survey, tells us about the demand for Drupal talent in the market.

Below are some of the infographic with highlights from the survey.

More Drupal Talent is Needed

Hiring Never Stops In Drupal

And More Opportunities

According to an average salary of a Drupal developer is double the salary of a web developer and more than double for PHP developer.

These statistics make it clear that there is a lot of scope and demand for Drupal developers in the market. Why not start with the top Drupal agency in India?

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