Example on Stack

Following is C like pseudo code of a function that takes a number as an argument, and uses a stack S to do processing:

void fun(int n)
    Stack S;  // Say it creates an empty stack S
    while (n > 0)
      // This line pushes the value of n%2 to stack S
      push(&S, n%2);
      n = n/2;
    // Run while Stack S is not empty
    while (!isEmpty(&S))
      printf("%d ", pop(&S)); // pop an element from S and print it


A) Print binary representation of \(n\) in reverse order .

B) Prints binary representation of \(n\).

C) Prints the value of \(\log n\) .

D)  Prints value of \(\log n\) in reverse order. 


It is better if we take a example and see :

Lets take \(n = 6\)

Ans. (B)