This classroom is a private classroom for GATE 2019 (CSE/IT) preparation mentored by the alumni of various IITs and IISc. We will keep part of the content public as well. You can request to join this group of motivated people but... more
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What to do next
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  • Expand your knowledge base by posting your notes, examples etc, and grow in synergy with your peers

  • Ask and answer doubts, your voice won’t go unheard here

  • Connect with your classmates on the go and Explore people with similar area of expertise and connect with them

You may also:
  • Curate lists of your top online resources for peers to access anytime

  • •   Add more peers and friends and Increase the class potential

  • •   Let your work shine, share and collaborate your projects/resources within your classroom

  • •   Share your tips and tricks, best practices and pitfalls to avoid within discussion