Fast Ethernet
  • To increase the speed of accessing  need software and hardware technologies, Ethernet extends itself as Fast-Ethernet.
  • It can run on UTP, Optical Fiber, and wirelessly too. It can provide speed up to 100 MBPS. This standard is named as 100BASE-T in IEEE 803.2 using Cat-5 twisted pair cable.
  • Technology used: It uses CSMA/CD technique for wired media sharing among the Ethernet hosts and CSMA/CA (CA stands for Collision Avoidance) technique for wireless Ethernet LAN.


Fast Ethernet on fiber is defined under 100BASE-FX standard which provides speed up to 100 MBPS on fiber.


Ethernet over fiber can be extended up to 100 meters in half-duplex mode and can reach maximum of 2000 meters in full-duplex over multimode fibers.