Star topology 
  • All computers and devices are connected to a main hub or switch.
  • The hub or switch amasses and control the flow of data within the network.
  • Star topology is the most common type of network and follows the Ethernet standard.


  • All computers/devices connect to a central device called hub or switch.
  • Each device requires a single cable
  • Point-to-point connection between the device and hub.
  • Most widely implemented
  • Hub is the single point of failure

Key features:

  • High Speed
  • Very Flexible
  • High Reliability
  • High Maintainability


  • Easily expanded without disruption to the network
  • Cable failure affects only a single user
  • Easy to troubleshoot and isolate problems


  • Requires more cable
  • A central connecting device allows for a single point of failure
  • More difficult to implement