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First Normal Form (1 NF)



I hope you all are familiar with normalization if not please read it at least once.


First Normal Form: 

Each set of a column must have unique value i.e. all relation in a domain must have atomic domains.

Let's try to understand this with the help of an example.


    Students                                         Streams

 Rahul  Maths, Biology 
Jhon  Biology
Alen Arts

In this example, Rahul's Stream column must not contain two values then we have to separate in the different column because as per the rule of INF more than one value can't reside in the same column so we have to separate them. 

We re-arrange the table as below, to convert it to First Normal Form (1 NF).


                Students                                       Streams

Rahul Maths
Rahul Biology
Jhon Biology
Alen  Arts


It's all about 1 NF, I hope you like it :)