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"Data Base Management system and file system are the two ways that could use to store, retrieve and manipulate data"

File System is a collection of data in Systems, Hard-Drives, etc but if we are talking about today's scenario everything is becoming online then why data shouldn't??

In today's world, it is not possible or nor right to store our data in Peripheral devices, Suppose if you have a huge amount of data then how can you manage your data or prevent your data from various attacks, malware, let's take one example.

Ex- Colleges have a huge amount of data, suppose if college uses the file system to store, manage & manipulate data if any fault occurs in the college system or some malware are occurred then what? college lot's his years of data and if none of the copies made by college then it is impossible to retrieve the data again.

So, we required something that can prevent our data from security threats and can be accessible from anywhere in the world and it easy to store, manage & manipulate and how can we do that --> with the help of "DBMS".


What are the drawbacks of File Systems?

1.  It is quite inefficient and time-consuming.

2.  The burden of locating the necessary file, going through the records line by line.

3.  File Systems are easily vulnerable to serious issues like inconsistency, an inability for concurrency.

4.  Data isolation, threats on integrity and lack of security.

5.  Redundancy (Duplicity).


What makes DBMS more popular over File system?

1. DBMS to be controlled centrally by a single administrator or to be allocated to several different people.

2. That mechanism will make sure the same record will not be modified by multiple users at the same time, thus keeping the data integrated. 

3.  Additionally, DBMS provide backup and other facilities as well.


What's the conclusion?

In File System, files are used to store data while collections of databases are utilized for the storage of data in DBMS. Although File System and DBMS are two ways of managing data, DBMS clearly has many advantages over File Systems. Typically when using a File System, most tasks such as storage, retrieval and search are done manually and it is quite tedious whereas a DBMS will provide automated methods to complete these tasks. Because of this reason, using a File System will lead to problems like data integrity, data inconsistency, and data security, but these problems could be avoided by using a DBMS. Unlike File System, DBMS are efficient because reading line by line is not required and certain control mechanisms are in place.