Difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous Sequential Circuit
Synchronous Sequential Circuit Asynchronous Sequential Circuit
  • It is easy to design.
  • It is difficult to design.
  • A clocked flip flop acts as memory element.
  • An unclocked flip flop or time delay is used as memory element.
  • They are slower as clock is involved.
  • They are comparatively faster as no clock is used here.
  • The states of memory element is affected only at active edge of clock, if input is changed.
  • The states of memory element will change any time as soon as input is changed.


y @yohaanj
7 Nov 2018 09:22 pm
Should it be synchronous is difficult to design and async is easy to design?
Digital Electronics | Analog Signal | Digital Signal

Signals can be devided in to two type:

  1. Analog Signal
  2. Digital Signal

The area of engineering dealing with Analog signal system is called Analog Electronics while the area dealing with the digital electronics is termed as Digital Electronics.

A digital signal is a signal that represents a sequence of discrete values instead of continious. Following is the example of digital signal having 5 levels. You can notice that it is a pulse train of descrete values.