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File System

Definataion: File is a Collection of logically related entities(records) or file is a collection of related information that is recorded  on a secondary storage.

File will have various attributes 

Attributes :

  1. Name 
  2. Type
  3. Size
  4. Location

File context:All the attributes of the file called as file context.

File context will be stored in FCB(file control block)

File  having  various   types:

  1. .doc
  2. .Txt
  3. .exe
  4. .obj
  5. .class
  6. .pdf etc 

Operations: various operations on  the file 

  1. create 
  2. open 
  3. write
  4. read
  5. append etc 

For the better classification of the files .Files will be stored in the directory

Directory structures:-

  1. Single level directory 
  2. Two level directory
  3. Multilevel/ tree directory 

Single level directory: 

  1. Implementation of this directory  structures is easy or simple .
  2. Two files cannot have same name .
  3. Searching time for the specific files will be more (if 1000000 files).

Two -Level directory:

In this separate directories for each user is maintained.

  • Path name:Due to two levels there is a path name for every file to locate that file.
  • Now,we can have same file name for different user.
  • Searching is efficient in this method



Multilevel /tree directory:

  1. Implementation  of this directory structure is difficult or complicated.
  2. The better classification of the files as per the criteria.
  3. Searching time for the specific files will be  less.
  4. If the same file exists in the two different directories ,if one file is updated then other file has to be updated accordingly otherwise there will be a inconsistency 
  5. Directory is maintained in the form of a tree.
  6. there is grouping capability.
  7. We have absolute or relative path name for a file.