Operating System Servies/ Components


  1. Process Management: A program is a set of data and instructions resides in main memory. A process is a execution of A process is a program that has under executing. The OS manages the allocation of resources to these processes, and also provides system calls to manage these processes. Process management includes process creation, process deletion, suspension and resumption of process, process synchronization, process communication, deadlock handling etc.

  2. Main Memory Management: Operating System is responsible for memory allocation and deallocation.

  3. I/O System Management: OS manages I/O system through some device drivers.

  4. File and Disk Management: OS manages file, disk, and secondary storage.

  5. Protection and Security:  OS protects the resources by authorization.

  6. Networking: A distributed system provides user access to various system resources. It allows communication between computers.

  7. Command Interpret:  A command interpreter is an interface of the operating system with the user. This manages by OS.