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Banker's algorithm

can anyone explain the last line of the question ?? --------->if a process p0 request (1 0 0) will be granted?

and here ans and explanation are different so give the correct ans..

Saijyothsna @saijyothsna
4 Feb 2016 08:51 am

Ans : granted

after current allocations Need for every process will be as follows

P0--(4 1 2)

P1--(2 2 0)

P2--(2 1 1)

P3--(0 0 1)

Now suppose that the request of P0(1 0 0) is accepted then

available resources will be --(0 0 1)

Now order of execution will be --P3-P2-P1-P0

so no deadlock and request will be granted