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different between Data Warehouse Modeling and Database Management System


Thank you for your videos.

My question is, what is the different between Data Warehouse Modeling and Database Management System? Are they same?

Pritam Prasun @pritam
18 Feb 2016 12:43 pm
Data Warehouse Database
Used for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), helps in business decision Used for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP), helps to manage online transactions
It is designed for read operation It is designed for both read and write operation
Simple architecture Complex architecture
Work with historical data  Work with fresh data

Entity-Relationship (ER) is extensively used for database design in relational database environment. Similarly we use Multidimensional (MD) Data Modeling is the data modeling technique in Data Warehouse.

Ishan Bhardwaj @ishan58
18 Feb 2016 04:22 pm
EM @ssdusd
18 Feb 2016 09:03 pm

Thank you for your answers they are rely good.

What I am looking for is something that helps me to design any kind of database such as Cafe shop, School, Small business. Someone told me you have to learn how to breakdown your data into pieces and then apply it to Microsoft Access, SQL, and etc. So, is the DBMS the right spot? if I follow DBMS I will be able to design any kind of databases?

I look forward to your kind reply.

Pritam Prasun @pritam
18 Feb 2016 09:27 pm

Yes, You have to follow DBMS. You can use open source DBMS MySQL.

EM @ssdusd
18 Feb 2016 09:29 pm

Thank you very much!!

Matthew Gierc @matthewgierc
13 Jul 2019 05:58 am
I also found this article helpful in terms of understanding how people use data warehouses: