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Essential Prime Implicant

Which are the essential prime implicant of f(a,b,c)= a'c + ac' + b'c


Saijyothsna @saijyothsna
2 Feb 2016 09:49 am

Ans : AC' and A'C

Vishakha @vishakha164
2 Feb 2016 01:01 pm

How? can u plz explain it...

Saijyothsna @saijyothsna
2 Feb 2016 01:19 pm

first convert the given function into sum of products form

and then take will get it


Vishakha @vishakha164
2 Feb 2016 07:08 pm


Anjan @prab_1
2 Feb 2016 07:43 pm

But the 1 at position 5 is not covered how can there be two EPI I think the answer is 3 EPI


Saijyothsna @saijyothsna
3 Feb 2016 08:42 am
The group in which m5 is there will be "selected NEPI " then it will be covered