Please Tell How to calculate? And what is the gener

Please Tell How to calculate? 

And what is the general method while using JUmp instrutions

Vivek Vikram Singh @vivek14
9 Jan 2015 12:27 am

Sorry, I can't see any question or query?

Saurav Das @sauravdas
13 Jan 2015 07:13 pm

Sorry missed the pictures @vivek

Saurav Das @sauravdas
13 Jan 2015 07:14 pm

vivek14 reposted the pic

vishal @vishal92
22 Jan 2015 02:12 pm

hey sourav this is like this jump instruction at 2014 of 4 byte

so after fetching this instruction pc value is 2018

jmp -10 relative mode 

branch targate address is 2018-10=2008