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Strict 2PL and Rigorous 2PL

Strict 2PL and Rigorous 2PL

What is the benfit of Rigorous 2PL over the Strict 2PL 

sourav's picture

Well there is a benefit that i know of -

Rigorous 2PL has an additional property that for two conflicting transactions their commit order is their serializability order.

shivanisrivarshini's picture

sir I have seen that video In that u said in Rigorous 2PL all the lock(shared,exclusive) are unlocked after transaction commit or abort

where as in Strict 2PL Shared locks are unlocked normallyin(shrinking phase)  and exclusive locks are unlocked after traansaction commit or abort

but in what is the additional benfit we are getting through the rigorous even it we have deadlock then  ???

Correct me if I'm wrong 

pritam's picture

In Rigorous 2PL all locks are released only after commit; hence, it is quite easy to implement.

But, at the same time Rigorous 2PL may hamper the concurrency, However, it has been practically noticed that it doesn't make any performance difference.

shivanisrivarshini's picture

Thank u sir the difference is in practical implementation

monty12's picture

Strict 2PL:   A transaction T does not release any of its exclusive (write) locks until after it commit or abort .

Rigorous 2PL:   In this , a transaction T does not relase any of its locks(exclusive or shared) until aftre it commit or aborts.