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Which one is not shared by the threads of the same process?
a)Stack b)Address space c)File descriptor table d) Message queue
Answer given was b.
But i think both stack and address space should be the answer, if there is any misconception, kindly correct me.

Dhrupit Dave @dhrupitdave
21 Feb 2015 05:20 pm

Stack, program counter and registers are private to a THREAD. Address space is private to a process and shared by all the threads under a particular thread. I think answer should A) Stack.

Rosni K V @rosnikv
21 Feb 2015 05:48 pm

thank you Dhrupit .

Rabia @rabia
15 Nov 2015 05:34 pm

answer should be STACK as stacks ,registers  not common but files , resources and code are common