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Virtual GATE 2015 - Question 20

Given Answer Key: A
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Mv Prasad @mvprasad
29 Jan 2015 02:53 pm
Segmentation suffers from external fragmentation whereas paging is internal fragmentation.
Every process has its own page table and segment table.
If virtual address space is large then size of page table is more.
rachapalli vinay kumar @vinayrachapalli
10 Oct 2015 07:21 am

In paging we divide the processes into pages,which are of equal size.

in segmentation we divide the process into segments-every process contains code segment(read only),data segment(read and write) ,stack segment(read & write) etc.One segments size is  not equal to the other segment size(code segment size not equal to the data segment size).

PratikS @pratikshende
7 Dec 2016 05:27 pm

paging and segmentation both uses dynamic partioning . so both have a external frgamentaton....

external fragmentation occurs when we have a free space but which is less than the the requirement of a particular process .so in that case we cant alloate a memory to a process. suppose there is  a free space remaining in  the memory which is of 9 kb and a process arrives which require 10kb .in that case  there is a external fragmentation.because we cant alloate that 9 kb to a process .