Virtual GATE 2015 - Question 55

Given Answer Key: D
Discuss the solution.

lucky @luckysunda
16 Nov 2015 05:26 am

Loader loads the program into main memory for execution and relocates the addresses.

Linker is used to link all external files if used, so it is resolving external references.

L-attributed definition uses inherited and synthesized attributes.

But for postfix SDT I think we can use both bottom up and top down approach, so I  don't know about that.

Parimal Andhalkar @parimal_andhalkar
16 Nov 2015 08:24 pm

1. L-attributed SDT uses inherited and synthesized attributes. 

2. S-attributed grammar   S ->BCA{}    in curly braces semantic action. in s-attributed grammar semantic actions are always placed at right hand side. therefore called as Postfix SDT . S-attributed grammar evaluated during bottom up tree traversal.

3.Loader loads program into main memory for execution. Loader always present in main memory

4.Linker resolves external references . combine segments